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We are seeking an established business with opportunities for growth.  Our ideal seller profile is a retiring owner who wants to ensure the business they built will be successfully managed going forward and is willing to support a reasonable transition period to ensure the long-term success of the business.
Attractive investments will satisfy many of the following criteria:
  • Growing revenues with three or more years of profitable operations and cash flow

  • Revenue of $3-20M; EBITDA of $0.5-3M; 10%+ EBITDA margins

  • Owner/operator or simple ownership structure

  • Stable employee base with middle management willing to stay and grow in the company

  • Diversified customer base with repeat/recurring business

We are not interested in the following:
  • Real estate, retail, restaurants, construction or professional services where the current owner plays a significant role in delivering service
  • High tech or heavy R&D companies

  • Negative cash flow businesses

  • Minority investments

  • Complex ownership structures

Please note that the criteria above are guidelines rather than requirements and that attractive acquisitions may not satisfy all criteria.
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