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We know how hard you’ve worked to build your business and that you don’t want to hand it off to just anyone.  We provide a unique opportunity to transition your business to a seasoned, local Seattle-area executive who will actively manage it full time and protect and grow the legacy you have built.
Commitment to Speed
We will move quickly through both diligence and closing when we find the right opportunity, and we have sufficient capital to offer the seller speedy liquidity.
We have no rigid deal structure requirements so have great flexibility to put together a deal structure that best meets the seller’s needs.
Long-Term View

We’re buying a business because we’re excited to manage and grow it for years to come.  We are focused on sustained growth, not flipping it for a quick profit. 

Legacy Preservation

We are not looking to remove existing management or make radical changes as we walk in the door.  We seek first to listen and learn, and to make changes over time only as we thoroughly understand the business. 

Invest in Relationships

We believe that strong relationships with employees, customers and the community are critical to long-term success and will continue to protect and invest in those relationships the seller has worked so hard to build.

Dedicated Operational

After completing the transaction, our Managing Principal will step in to operate the company full time as an active manager of the business, supported by our seasoned team of advisors with extensive experience across operations, business strategy, finance and business development.

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